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twee kuikens pronounced “te-vay cow-kens” means “2 chicks” in Dutch. This is the name of our company and the trademark brand of our proprietry formulations. twee kuikens™ is a Malaysian company, despite the foreign name.

twee kuikens™ sells in-house formulated natural products for the face, body, nails and hair with aromatherapeutic properties. We use 100% natural essential oils with non-genetically modified cold pressed base oils for all our oil based products. For our other products, we use pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics grade approved raw ingredients. We ensure the best for our customers in producing affordable goods without compromising its quality.

twee kuikens™ wish to change the local perception that aromatherapy is only associated to scents (perfume and fragrance) and the beauty industry (wellness / massage centres and spas). We found that men run in the opposite direction whenever they see the bottles of aromatherapy products, categorising it as a feminine interest. It is more than that. These power packed plant essence have been used to aid the body’s healing process all throughout history and is a bona fide branch of Complementary Medicine.

The personal collection of hard to find essential oils amassed by twee kuikens™ founder is an asset, as oil blends with curative benefits were successfully tested in non-clinical trials, on family and friends.

This explains the tagline “extraordinary yOily goodness”. twee kuikens™ founder’s passion of playing with oils stemmed from a personal choice to eradicate toxic chemicals and endocrine disrupting chemicals from our family’s daily life in order to alleviate niggling ailments and boost the immune system, in order to help deal with the health challenging environment we live in. Experience and research in her yOily quest – 6 years and counting – has led to sharing popular formulations by making it available outside the coterie of family and friends. You will be glad to know prices are reasonable. 

twee kuikens™  publishes a monthly Informative Reads post and share Recipes using ingredients from the pantry for use in health and beauty – personal recipes for you to try. Please follow our blog to keep updated.

There are bucket loads of remedies that aids in healing us from head-to-toe and from the inside-out that our ancestors picked, plucked and prepared from the bounties of nature. Unfortunately these recipes have taken a backseat to all things commercially produced and prettily packaged that are sold on the shelves today. There is a long term price to pay with such handy readymade products as they are laden with chemicals and preservatives. twee kuikens™ aims at limiting the exposure to such products that can be harmful to our health, and advocates the use of natural solutions as complementary therapy for personal well-being.



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